Building Engagement and Workplace Motivation

Building Engagement and
Workplace Motivation

Engaged and motivated employees have been proven to add up to 25% more productivity, are 87% less likely to leave their organisations and can add up to 21% to the bottom line. Conversely, a recent Gallup survey estimates that disengaged employees cost UK businesses £85 billion annually due to lost productivity and absenteeism.

Point is – how connected, valued and motivated your employees feel matters. Improve employee motivation, collaboration and ultimately increase performance by understanding how people are feeling and taking the right actions. We can help you run surveys, interpret results (of any survey you have implemented) and implement simple yet transformative solutions.


The development sessions gave me the confidence, the motivation and the tools to make some big changes in my team and workplace: reporting lines, team communication methods and office layout. The results have been nothing short of transformative!

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