Leadership and Management Training

Leadership and
Management Training

Your leaders and managers play a pivotal role as they shape the culture and drive the results, whether positive or negative. Don’t take the risk of having poorly trained managers. At Blue Heron Training, we offer first-class, relevant, and practical training specifically designed for managers at all levels. Whether it’s your team leaders, operational managers, or senior leadership, we provide a range of tailored and comprehensive training solutions to equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to excel.

These programmes are designed to give you the most benefit and all come with full operational support, feedback and recommendations based on our findings during the project.

Our personalised programmes will help your people...

  • Drive commercial success through your people
  • Understand themselves and take charge of their own actions
  • Successfully deliver growth and change
  • Lead, motivate and empower their teams
  • Successfully navigate conflict, build goodwill and bring the human touch
  • Communicate more successfully, have the conversations that matter and reduce misunderstanding
  • Enhance teamwork, break silos and create a dynamic cross-functional team ethos
  • Delegate, coach and nurture talent
  • Encourage confidence and self-belief in themselves and others
  • Promote psychological wellbeing

The delivery and clarity of such a relatable but complex concept was done beautifully. It was a journey, and the content/timings of each session allowing adequate self reflection in the classroom and outside of it to progress and make it relevant, personal and powerful.

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Are you ready?

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